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Now You Can Follow My Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Break Into This
Lucrative Niche Market Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising
And Without Working Evenings Or Weekends EVER AGAIN -- 100% Guaranteed!!!

Dear Friend,

ou may be shocked to hear that our government is spending billions of dollars a year to update, renovate and remodel homes for people all across the country.

And Contractors just like you and I are being paid big money by the government to complete these lucrative projects.  Projects ranging from a small electrical service panel upgrade for $3,000 to a complete renovation of a single family home for $132,000.  All paid for by taxpayer’s dollars.  In fact, last year alone I completed $933,476 in small residential construction projects ALL paid for by the government.  And I’m just a single contractor working part time in a small city of 20,559 people.

In fact I typically work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.  I have no employees, no office, no advertising expense and no company trucks.  I run the whole operation from my kitchen table with a telephone, an answering machine (the old school type with a cassette tape) and a fax machine.  My truck is a 10 year old Ford with 286,000 miles and I plan on driving it till it forever.  To say I run a low budget, high net profit business may be the understatement of the year! 

I spend most weekends with my family on our boat or at the beach.  Each winter, when snow begins to fly here in New York we pack up and head for Florida.  I can stay for a week, 2 weeks or a month and my contracting business keeps churning out cash like an ATM machine!

All because I know one thing that you don’t………. how to get government funded construction work...

I know you are thinking, “Yeah, but things are different in my city, new construction is dead, remodeling work is scarce and commercial construction has ground to a halt.  All my friends are broke and the streets are lined with foreclosure signs and white trucks for sale.”

 And you are right…….

Private construction is dead, but government contracting is BOOMING!  Last year our government passed the 787 Billion Dollar American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  Included in this economic stimulus package was a 5 Billion increase in funding to the Department of Energy to enable them to provide weatherization for as many as 1 million homes per year.  Another 6 billion was granted to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed homes. 

These are just two of the many government programs enacted to help stimulate the economy.  The money filters down to the state, county, local municipalities and nonprofit organizations tasked with spending the money to weatherize, renovate and upgrade homes for the elderly, economically disadvantaged, people with disabilities and families with children.  These agencies pay local contractors, like you and I, to complete these projects. 

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The amount of government money being spent to renovate, update and rehabilitate private homes is staggering.

You’re about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to break into the government contracting business and make a fortune despite one of the worst times in history for the construction industry.

Hi, My name is Paul Davey. I have been a licensed general contractor in the small town of Southold, New York for the last 23 years specializing in rehab and remodeling projects for homeowners.  Until 2006 that is……when the real estate market began to falter and the easy money home equity loans that fueled the remodeling market went the way of the dinosaur.  My business was wiped out virtually overnight.  I knew that things would never be the same, at least not in my lifetime.  I began to advertise heavily in a last ditch effort to revive my business, only to watch my savings dwindle away.  After spending nearly $9,000 in advertising I landed a small remodel project.  When all was said and done I made $1,2oo profit on the job.  I knew something had to change.

And then a chance encounter with a mysterious older gentleman changed my life and opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.  The man I am talking about, let’s call him Mr. X, shared with me secrets about government contracting, that over the last year have allowed me to create a MILLION dollar a year business.  One that required almost no upfront investment, has no employees, no advertising, no expensive equipment and almost ZERO overhead.

Because of the secrets Mr. X shared with me, I now receive invitations to bid on 3 or 4 government funded residential remodeling projects each week!  I am usually bidding against 3 or 4 other local contractors and using the techniques taught to me by my friend Mr. X and some that I have developed over the last year, I am able to consistently win at least one or two jobs a week. These projects range in size from a small electrical panel service upgrade for $3,000 to $132,000 complete remodel projects.

 For the first time ever I've decided to share everything that I've learned over the last 2 years about government contracting.

If you're interested in receiving a steady stream of residential construction projects you need to know some facts about government contracting:

100% Recession Proof

Fast to start (About 4 Weeks)

Low initial investment

No Special Education or Experience is Needed

Services Are Always in demand (Even in a Good Economy)

No advertising expense

Any licensed, insured contractor can do it

"The Greatest Niche Market in the Construction Industry"

Government Contracting is a great business for a number of reasons. First and foremost,  you ALWAYS get paid!  It’s simple, just complete the work on time as per your bid and get paid!  The work is consistent. And best of all you don’t have to “know someone” to get the work.

And it's stable, The United States government spends billions of dollars each year to renovate, update and remodel homes for needy, elderly and handicapped private citizens.  And best of all, the work is done by local contractors just like you….

This ain't no trendy new business- These government programs have been around for years and the current administration is intent on expanding government spending dramatically to further stimulate the economy. 

Works even when the economy is good - Because there will always be needy, elderly and handicapped citizens who need the governments help it's pretty much a recession proof business. And in the kind of economy that we're in right now you just can't afford to be in anything else

The government contracting business has unlimited income potential- You can grow your business as big as you want it. I have managed to build a million dollar a year business in less than 2 years.  My business is really booming now and I predict to hit 1.5 million this year with no limit in sight.

You can grow your business as fast as you want- If you want to grow your business even bigger you can simply cover a larger area or register with more government agencies.  Your government contracting business can be as big as you want it to be.

You can make a lot of money - While you’re not gonna become a millionaire from a single government contracting job,  I have recently trained general contractors that make as much as $250,000 a year following my proven business plan

You can get started on a shoestring budget- This is one of the best businesses in the world to be in because you don’t need a fancy office, employees or expensive equipment to get started.  In fact, if you are a contractor doing residential work, you probably already have the required insurance and licenses in place.  If not, I can show you how to obtain them quickly and inexpensively.

 If you follow my direction, you can make money within a few months.

Your Government contracting business can be started on a shoe string budget. I'll show you how to get started bidding on government contracting projects right away.   In most cases, you can run your business by using other people’s money.

As a government contractor you can set your own hours. Each week I inspect a few properties, prepare and submit a few bids, meet with my subcontractors and inspect finished jobs.  It’s pretty rare when I have to be somewhere at a set time.  This is great for me as I have a couple other businesses that I run and I like to be able to come and go as I please.  Besides, it’s nice to spend a few weeks in Florida when the snow is flying in New York!

"You Don't Have To Give Up Your Current Business"     

A lot contractors only do a few government jobs a month, some only work part time and have other jobs or like myself run multiple businesses. It's really up to you.  There is plenty of work to go around.  In fact, just one government program recently received an additional 5 Billion Dollars in funding to update 1 million homes a year for the next 8 years!  That’s a lot of business to go around!

"Government Contracting Is So Easy Any

Contractor Can Do it"

         Government contracting is pretty simple. It's not technical and it's not complicated and anybody can learn to do it in just a few weeks.

 Plus, it's really not hard work. Once you’ve got everything set up and in place, the average job takes very little of your time.  You will simply inspect the property, prepare the bid, mail it in and wait to see if you win.  When you win a contract you will call your subs, send them a work order and then monitor their progress.  When the work is done you will conduct a walk through with the homeowner to make sure their satisfied and then call the appointed inspector to sign off.  After the inspector signs off that the work is complete you will be paid within 4-6 weeks.

"Government Contracting Can Be BIG Business”

Here are a few checks that I recently received for completing government contracting projects in my home town.

         "See What My Customers Have To Say About"

Even if you are doing okay now, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your income by picking up just one Government Contracting Job a week.

Maybe it’s not about the money to you. Let me ask you a question…

Do you dream of a business with part time hours and full time pay?

Do you dream of taking off every weekend and spending it with your loved ones?

Do you dream of having enough work so you don’t have to EVER lay off another employee?

Do you dream of turning off your cell phone when you get home and not turning it on again until you walk into to office the next day?

Do you dream of a business that provides you with a steady predictable 6-figure income where you work with only a handful of clients that treat you like a professional?

Do you dream of a successful business that does not require you to spend an arm and a leg on marketing and advertising?

Well, you know what? Those were my dreams, too! And I was able to achieve all of those things as a government contractor and you can to with the help of my…….

Step-By-Step System for Starting a Successful and Profitable Government Contracting Business.

That's what this website is about... showing you where to turn to find a simple, detailed guide on how to get started completing residential construction projects funded by the government.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover and
learn from my Government Contractor Secrets home study course:

How to find the government agencies in your area

How to get on the agencies approved bidder list

What insurance coverage and licensing is required

How to save $$$$$ on the required insurance

How to structure your business for maximum profits

How to prepare your bids to win the contracts

How to tell if you are leaving money on the table

How to find quality sub contractors

Here's what else you'll get out of your course:

How to structure your agreement with your subs

The “Rules” all of my subcontractors agree to in writing

How to get additional work from the neighbors when completing a government job

How to quickly get your change orders approved

How change orders make my company huge profits

How to get government construction contracts without bidding against others


A Comprehensive list of the government agencies in your area that are in charge of hiring local contractors to complete residential projects.


And, believe me... this is just the beginning of what you will get from my Government Contracting Secrets home study course.

The Only Comprehensive Training Course on Residential Government Contracting Ever Created – “Everything I Know Is In Here

Master List of Agencies Who Provide All The Work

5 Audio/Video CD’s with detailed information

1 Resource CD With helpful Business Forms

Copies of my subcontractor agreements and rules\

A copy of my Resume and instructions on how to create your own

My Strategies For Making The Most Profit on each job

My pricing cheat sheet that I use to bid jobs

 83 Page Quick Start Binder

Access to a special, 1 hour q/a with Paul Davey

Plus Tons of Extras...


PROFIT TIP #1  I'll teach you how to get started bidding on government contracting in just 5 simple steps.

 PROFIT TIP #2  I'll teach you where to find the agencies and how to become an approved bidder.

 PROFIT TIP #3  I'll teach you how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes that almost every government contractor makes that will consume most of your profits

 PROFIT TIP #4  How to get the special insurance required to qualify to bid on government jobs and how to save thousands of dollars on it by structuring your business correctly.

 PROFIT TIP #5  Where to find the best subcontractors and how to set up the relationship so they wait to be paid until you have been paid.

 PROFIT TIP #6  How to get free advertising and get private sector jobs from each government contracting job.

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  • I will also receive access to a 1 hour live q/a with  Paul Davey.

  • I also understand that the FREE bonuses that I receive are mine to keep even if I return the system for a full refund.

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Still Worried about investing $297 in a training Course?


I’d like to offer you a couple of HUGE bonuses


to get you to take action now!

I know that you want to get started but you might just need that extra push to get you moving so I have put together a couple of bonuses that are so good you would have to be crazy not to act now.

Bonus #1 Master Government Agency List

My Secret Master List of the top agencies in your area to register with to start receiving work right away. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to say when contacting these agencies to make them want to do business with you. Get accepted with just one agency in your area and you could make a comfortable 6 figure income!

Bonus #2 A Free 30 Day Trial Membership to the:

 "Government Contractors Inner Circle"

As an Inner Circle Member you will receive a weekly email from me with important profit building tips on running your Government Contracting Business.  You will also receive access to my live monthly Question and Answer teleconference call so you can get your questions answered and hear from other members from all across the country.

Your first 30 days is 100% on me. If you decide to stay in (and you will want to) just do nothing and you'll be renewed at our charter members rate of $47/mo. (a $50 dollar a month discount off our normal rate)

So why am I charging $297 for this course?

 Last year when I first starting training others how to get Government Contracting Business, the course was $1,497.  That’s right, $1,497 for a series of five one hour webinars and the list of agencies.  I only offered it twice because of my hectic schedule and it sold out both times within 24 hours. 

I received so many emails from angry people who couldn’t get in, I decided to record the entire training and then sell the recordings.  Well, that was easier said than done.  After fumbling around on my own for a few months I finally ended up hiring a college professor to edit the 5 hours of audio video content, transcribe 83 pages of information and organize the whole thing into an easy to follow “home study course”.  The whole process took several months and cost me an arm and a leg! 

We recently completed the course and let a few people who couldn’t get into the live webinar training purchase it.  Most of them thought that $297 was way too cheap for it.  But, I wanted to keep the price down because I know that a lot of contractors are hurting and the ones that need my help the most are the ones who can’t afford $1,497.

         The second reason I decided to charge $297 for the course, is because I don’t want my material to be wasted on a people who can’t take action.  This course is for “doers” only.  The only way you’re going to make money in this business is by providing a service to your clients, not by thinking about it and not by planning for it.

         I knew that if I charged $297 that I would get contractors who were willing to take action.  Winners. Real “Go Getters”. These are the people that I like to work with. There is nothing I hate more than to listen to somebody talking about wanting to be in the business and then not taking action to make it happen.

         People come up to me all the time and say, “I wish I had as much work as you do, but…..” and then proceed to give me all the excuses they can think of.  I am so sick of hearing about how the economy is holding them back.  It’s just not true.  The game has changed.  There’s just as much opportunity as there ever has been.  It’s just in a different place.  You’ve got to know where to find it….

If I can create a million dollar a year Government Contracting business in just 12 months YOU CAN TOO!  Heck you can probably do it in much less time with my help.  I mean all you have to do is follow my step by step instructions and TAKE ACTION!

So what are you waiting for?  Click the big red button below and let’s get started.

Here Is My Iron Clad “No Weasel Clause”  100% Money Back Guarantee

If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with "Government Contractor Secrets training course" just return the course during the first 61 days for a full, prompt refund and keep all the bonuses for FREE.  Fair enough?

"I take all the risk for you
- It's impossible for you
to make a mistake

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